Benefits for Courier Services & Distribution Companies

  • LivrariOnline is a software system that incorporates the latest concepts and technologies necessary for the efficient management of a modern courier service provider’s daily activities.
  • LivrariOnline allows both the automation of all shipping activities and the coordination of all personnel who interact with these activities.
  • LivrariOnline can be integrated with all your other business software applications via API.
  • LivrariOnline connects the shipping company administration with all field couriers and e-commerce clients. Information collected in the field can be instantly accessed by all users.

Benefit of features similar / superior to those offered by the most modern top of the line ERP solutions without initial investments in software.

  • Permanent and instant platform upgrades in cloud (no downtime)
  • Compatibility with the most modern and ergonomic AWB processing equipment AWB (ring mini scanner)
  • Real-time GPS Tracking of Field Couriers
  • Opportunity to attract new customers – online merchants – through fast, simple and free API integration of the LivrariOnline for E-commerce Module with the most popular e-commerce platforms
  • A high degree of customer satisfaction for all company clients through the facilities offered.
  • Minimum errors for reception, picking, inventory managemnet etc and implicit costs.
  • Automation of data flow between departments
  • Zero Set Up Costs
  • Controllled Operating costs based on volume of deliveries / shipments.
  • Seamless integration of any specifalized equipment and accessories.
  • Flexible configuration of application that easily permits integration of all company operating processes.
  • Drastically reducing staff costs

Modules of the LivrariOnline Management System:

  • Shipping Company Administrator Interface
  • Clients ( Online Retailers) Interface
  • Call Center Interface
  • Dispatcher interface
  • HUB (Warehouse) Interface
  • Field Couriers Interface
  • Accounting Interface
  • Sales Interface
  • AWB Tracking Interface